A Fall Hike (aka the Perfect Day)

We had a choice to make this weekend. We didn’t know if we felt like being lazy, laying around and watching football games, or going out for an adventure.

Well, what do you think we picked?!


And it’s a damn good thing we chose the adventure, because if we hadn’t, we wouldn’t have seen THIS:

heron flight

Yes that’s right, a great blue heron in flight. Wait wait, here’s one more because I couldn’t believe I was this close, and actually had my camera with me, and turned on to boot:

love the duck in his wake

Oh wow did we make the right choice. Here he is once he landed, look at the size of him! Just breathtaking.


And if we’d stayed home on the couch, we wouldn’t have stopped to pet the moss:

My little druid

"Mom - it doesn't feel real. It's so soft."

Or seen the pretty leaves:

Or unearthed this tyrannosaurus skill:

t rex

Or been able to practice free running on nature’s playground:

log running

Yep. I think we made the right choice.