Resources for Opting Out of Standardized Tests

Here are some links for parents who have questions regarding the Opt Out movement and MCAS/PARCC in Massachusetts.

You may be thinking, “It will hurt the school if my child doesn’t take this test.” Our children don’t work for the schools. It’s time to turn that argument around. The schools have an obligation to educate and protect children, which they are not upholding when they allow standardized testing to dictate what happens in the school day. And they are being forced to do that by testing corporations. The only way you can hit corporations where it hurts is in their pocket – which you can do by not allowing your children to be their laborers.

If you read nothing else on this page, please read the following link:

PARCC Testing Disrupts Learning

If you decide to refuse for your child, they can carry this sticker with them so the teachers know they’re not taking the tests.

The fight is not over when you opt out. Please consider joining the movement to stop common core and support the ballot initiative (which is being heavily attacked by the same people making money off public education). Information can be found here. The article in this link shows what we are up against in MA in trying to eliminate common core from our educational system.

In Massachusetts

Guide to Opting Out of MCAS/PARCC Testing

Monomoy High officials cry foul over state test ranking (DESE uses PARCC scores they promised not to and drops Monomoy schools into lower tier)

How to Opt Out of the State Tests

Opt Out! from the Bill Newman Show: the 7th grader who started a movement in her Amherst school (skip to 43:00)

Massachusetts Teachers Endorse Right to Opt Out

Ludlow Superintendent Todd Gazda’s Blog

From MCAS to PARCC and, Maybe, Beyond: A Testing Timeline

Recommendation on Student Assessment from Mitchell Chester (who is still on the Governing Board of Pearson, which makes 40% of national budget spent on testing, and who actually sat in hearings with teachers and saw them cry about what the tests are doing to their students but went forth with this proposal)

A Parents’ Guide to Opting Out of State Standardized Tests

Declaring Level 4’s: “Where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter”

UP Charter network, which will open a school in Springfield, gave out 68 suspensions to kindergartners last year

2015 Accountability Levels: everything’s made up, but the points matter

Mass charter boards lack parents, dominated by corporate interests

As Long As We’re Silent Nothing Will Change

New Bedford presses parents to accept PARCC exams

Charlie Baker: Dark Money, Charter Schools, And Teacher Unions

Commissioner’s Weekly Update, Refusals to Take an Assessment (the commissioner says children should not be punished for refusing)

Can Massachusetts Parents Opt Out?

Arguments for Refusing

What are you saying when you opt out?

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Pearson Tests

Ted Talk: Jesse Hagopian, Giving Students a Solid Chance

Pearson ‘Education’ — Who Are These People?

Why You Can Boycott Standardized Tests Without Fear of Federal Penalties to Your School

PTA is Opting Out

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Standardized Testing (NSFW)

An explanation of the pineapple question (at 20:00)

Education in Crisis and the Threat of Privatization

Thousands Refuse Common Core Testing, Calls for National Opt-Out and Washington March

The Cost of Testing, and Who’s Making Money

Testing More, Teaching Less: What America’s Obsession with Student Testing Costs in Money and Lost Instructional Time

States spending the most on education

Infographic: Why Corporations Want Our Public Schools

No Profit Left Behind

Ten Common Core Promoters Laughing All the Way to the Bank

Public Schools, Public Money, and Charter Schools

The Myth Behind Public School Failure

Teach for America Enrollment Declines for 2nd Year as Part of Larger Trend

Common Core Is Meant To Destroy and Replace Public School Education

A Coordinated National Effort to Decimate Public Schools

Public School Funding in Massachusetts: Where We Are, What Has Changed, and How We Compare to Other States

Get the Facts: Charter Schools in MA

Just Nonsense

What happens when you let young, inexperienced teachers take over classrooms? Idealism is wonderful, but trying to change evolution is slightly beyond your reach, young lady.

Real Education

And finally, what students can do when they are inspired.

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