I Still Own Friday Nights

My Netflix movie came in the mail yesterday and I yelled to the boys, “Our Friday night movie is here!” Their friend was over and asked, “That’s cool. Is it Friday the 13th?” and they all started talking about all the horror movies they’ve never seen.

Friday night movie night is one of our new favorite things. Since Daddy and I are spent by the end of the week, it’s the easiest way to keep everyone sitting down so we can rest. But it’s also been great because we are digging into some old and great ’80s movies: Clue, Wargames, and believe it or not Older Son actually loved Noises Off as much as I do. (Dave and Younger got bored before the first pratfall. Then Dave entertained himself by trying to figure out how many of the people in the movie are now deceased.)

We get pizza and soda and snuggle under blankets. It’s probably my favorite moment of the week.

This morning I passed by the DVD laying on the table and thought, “Ahh, movie night!” I remembered their friend’s reaction to seeing the movie and how they all thought it was a great idea.

And then I thought, in a couple of years that friend will be asking them to go hang out at the mall on Friday and they’ll be dying to go, and I got so sad. And maybe Dave and I will spend Friday nights catching up on Justified and Boardwalk Empire and all the other great shows we don’t have time for.

When I would much rather be watching Galaxy Quest and eating mozzarella sticks with my kids.

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