Nothing But a Link…

Sick day. Up all night. Trying to sleep on pullout couch so as not to wake up family. Internet down all morning. Took the boys shoe shopping and now have to rest because I’m exhausted. Old.

BUT I did put up a good post on the Valley Advocate the other day. Here’s the teaser:

For the past several months I’ve spent a lot of time grappling with heavy emotions. So of course I’ve coincidentally come across a ton of articles about it, like How to Land Your Kid in Therapy by Lori Gottlieb, and Spoiled Rotten by Elizabeth Kolbert. Both of which talk about how we’re seriously messing up our kids in an effort to make them happy.

It’s not just the articles though, it’s the kids I’m raising, and the friends I have, and the family around me – we all struggle with not being sunshine-gleeful while we ride unicorns over rainbows every damn day of our lives.  [Read more]

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