What Died in My Kitchen?

I took the trash out, so the smell isn’t coming from there.

Ditto the compost.

It smells like something rotten in the fridge but it’s coming from outside the fridge.

Toss the bowl of melted raspberries that was accidentally left on the table overnight.

Check under the baseboard heaters – is it possible a mouse crawled in there?

Under the fridge? The stove? Only the detritus of years: ping pong balls, magnets, cat food, tumbleweeds of dust. Dang I should really clean under there.

The fruit bowl? Fruit flies: check. Rot: no.

Was there a perishable in the pantry?

The In-sink-erator? That’s always a good culprit.

Ohhhh. Eeeeeew.

It’s the cantaloupe, purchased only three days ago, which looks deceivingly innocent on the top, but has gone moldy on the bottom and is mating with the chopping block countertop below. I actually have to scrub the stain.

And now the compost smells again.

Curse you, grocery store produce department!

4 thoughts on “What Died in My Kitchen?

    • You know how they get when the one on top of the pile goes bad and turns into goo and the rest of them just do the same thing? There must be some chemical/acid reaction going on there. Sorry been watching too much Mythbusters.

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