Solving the World’s Problems with an 8-year-old Over Breakfast

Ah, the wisdom that hits us when we’ve only gotten through half of our first cup of coffee.

The boys were sitting with me at breakfast and while I read the paper, the topic of sexism came up. Younger wanted to know what it meant.

I said, “It’s like racism, but based on if you’re a woman or man rather than what color you are.”

So we delved into that idea for a while, with Older giving us as much of his worldly wisdom on the subject as possible.

Younger was quiet for a moment. Then he said, “People aren’t all one color.”

So with the full head of steam I had going over the discussion, I continued in the vein of, “Well of course, that’s why we have racism because people judge each other based on if they’re darker or lighter…”

Younger stopped me there (it’s fun for them to stop me once I get rolling). “No, your skin is white but your eyes are a different color. That’s what I’m trying to tell you about. You have more than one color in your body.”

I still didn’t follow. Since we all have more than one color, we shouldn’t care only about our skin?

Younger said, “No. I mean what if we grouped people by their eye color instead of their skin?”

Yup. Epiphany.

I guess we’d have three or four much smaller tribes than what we’ve got now. (Unless you count the red-eyed vampires that would be five.) But wow. Kids, man. I don’t have words to describe the depth of it even now, sitting here hours later still trying to process the insight of that comment.

Well, we got one down. Now, what to do about that sexism thing.

5 thoughts on “Solving the World’s Problems with an 8-year-old Over Breakfast

  1. This igoes on my list of favorite Amy blogs!! Remind me to tell you about the time my daughter described one her new daycare friends as, “sort of medium-darkish beige.”

  2. Immediately made me think of “The Wave,” by Todd Strasser. It’s a book for young adults about a nazi-like social experiment at school, and I believe the groups were divided by eye color. Very interesting read!

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