What Can Happen when You Tell Parents their Child is Evil

I don’t usually comment on my own posts (well, at least not this quickly) but the reaction to my last one has been so amusing I just had to do it.

Synopsis: I was just writing a funny bit about how to keep up with kids’ behavior, especially when they start to outwit you. In the post, to hilarious effect, I changed Mr. R’s former alias, The Tornado, to Dr. Evil.

So Mom texts me and says, “My husband tells me you’ve named my kid Dr. Evil.” For a moment I thought I might be in trouble, but they both loved the post and forwarded it to family and friends. I didn’t expect that. I knew they wouldn’t be mad, but never thought they’d be so overwhelmingly happy with it.

Dad said one of his friends told him, “She’s a really good writer,

(**my favorite part of this story**)

“…but that’s your kid?”

And Dad didn’t care. He proudly said that it was, and he still thought the story was hilarious. It made me happy to have a great relationship with this family, that we can look at their child, recognize that he’s being naughty, and just move on while trying to fix it. Knowing that he’s a two-year-old boy, and he’s stuck with a group of four girls (five, including me, but I’ve usually got his back), so sometimes his behavior is going to look worse than it is because the others like to sit around and color for hours on end and he likes to throw things.

And as I said to Dad, it shows me how much can change in a few weeks. I wrote the post about 2-3 weeks ago, when Tornado aka Dr. Evil was going through a wicked hair-pulling and general very-bad-behavior phase. This week, he was a complete doll. And guess what the difference is? He’s talking. The floodgates opened, he’s communicating with us, his frustration just totally dropped, and he’s a happy boy once again.

In fact on one of those days when he was being delightful, I told his mom “We’re in love today.” She said, “That’s awesome. Just wait until he gets mad and pulls your hair again.”

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