Here Come the Snow Pics!

Wow. We got a lot of snow last week. The news said over forty inches total in January. And there’s more coming Thursday, maybe! Wahoo!! I know people are sick of it but it’s winter. It’s supposed to snow.

In this post and this one I had a few snow pictures from BEFORE the storm that ate America. The first two pics below are the same so you could see how much more we got AFTER (the storm that ate America). And then I threw in some more just because it’s awesome. We’re living in a snow globe.

Remember the snow mountain and how it was up to their porch? Now it’s up to their second floor.

Your house is sinking!

Last week it was still swing-able (in theory). Not anymore!

Swingset - buried.

Now THAT’S a lot of icicles. And yes, that is their 6-foot-high fence in the foreground.

Daaaaaaamn that's a lot of icicles.

It’s kind of unnerving to be driving along, look out the window, and have the snow be higher than you are. (I’ve driven through snow tunnels in Colorado that put this to shame but still – this is Massachusetts.)

The snow is gonna get me

Anyone for hoops? I think the ball’s frozen.

No room for the car

These are my rainbow icicles. I was trying to get the colors – they were sparkly – but the camera didn’t pick them up. Still, pretty.

Shiny icicles

Welcome to the home of snow! (Yep that’s my poor Christmas tree still jammed in the snow bank. Bet the plow guys love that.)

The Gauntlet

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