Let It Snow?

We are in the THICK of the New England winter. In typical style, the schools closed for the first two storms (and rightly so) but by the third, they all think, oh this is only 3-4 inches, it’s nothing. So parents were welcomed to this spectacle on their way to school today – with no delays!

Can we please have a delay next time?

Crappy drive to school

Unfortunately I couldn’t get the awesome picture in front of the school, with cars jockeying for position against buses, and parents trying to get their kids safely across the street like a Frogger game. It’s a shame because it was terrifying and amusing at the same time and would have made an awesome shot. But I didn’t think to bring the camera as I was dashing out the door, late, with six kids in tow and concerned about the road conditions.

And come to think of it, what would the other parents think of me standing in the middle of the street taking pictures of the free-for-all? Probably nothing. They’re used to seeing me make a spectacle of myself at this point.

Anyway – it was a mess. And check this out – the swingset is buried!!

Snow swings

I love how the baby swing is full of snow

Honestly, I’m happy about all the snow. I want more. Dave is sick of it and I can’t blame him, because he’s the one who has to go out in the pre-dawn and shovel it. But I’ll tell you why I’m so happy about all this mess: because global warming scares the crap out of me. After the last two downright balmy winters we’ve had, with 60-degree days in January, this feels just right.

Now that's a lot of snow!

Guess we won't be using the playground anytime soon

EXCEPT that after I finished writing that, this morning’s paper said, “Arctic ice loss may boost cold, snow here.” Dammit. And that “a snowy winter in no way suggests climate change isn’t happening.” Thanks for bursting my bubble!!

Not to mention that I was awake at 2AM thinking about how much my basement will be flooding in three months.

I recently read this incredible book: The World Without Us. It’s about what would happen if all the humans suddenly disappeared off the planet, and it’s truly fascinating. But the author makes one compelling point about global warming. It’s not that we have the capacity to destroy the planet, in fact it will go on without us, as many people like to point out. (Probably.)

But the problem is that what we are doing to the planet right now will render it uninhabitable for ourselves. Yeah that kinda blew my mind.

So let’s all go put on a sweater and turn down the heat a couple notches, OK?

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