I Like Being a Mom

And I feel like I might be ridiculed for making that statement.

Here’s what’s been irking me lately (don’t you want to know what’s been irking me?). I was reading Entertainment Weekly and they had a section on mommy books. The titles were:

Just Let Me Lie Down
Falling Apart in One Piece
When Did I Get Like This?

Hm. I’m getting the subtle message that being a mommy sucks.

I haven’t read these books so I don’t know if they’re good and, OK, I’m judging them by their covers. I mean no offense to their authors. Women writers and mommies should stick together, no?

However. Why does society insist on telling us that motherhood is a burden, a problem, a drag, and something that interrupts our more imporant/meaningful existence and makes us miserable?

I’ve read only one book from this genre and I did enjoy it, I Don’t Know How She Does It by Allison Pearson. It was a good story because she combined all the skills she’d learned as both a mom and a businesswoman to create a better life for her and her kids. It didn’t have to be one or the other, mommyhood OR work, or “I’m failing all the time because this is just oh-so-hard and I’m just oh-so-bad-at-it! Oh woe is me!!!”

Being a mom is hard. My life is a constant whirlwind (I say that all the time) and I know people get sick of me using “how busy I’ve been” as an excuse for not being in touch or doing what I said I would do or showing up when I was supposed to. Sometimes I don’t know how I can possibly do one more thing, and then three more things fall in my lap. But I’m not crippled by it. And I don’t feel like I’m failing all the time (except at housework and ultimately – who cares).

To tell the truth, being a mom makes me happy.

I’m right where I wanted to be in my life. There are kids running in and out of my house and they like being here. I have two beautiful children who make my life more fun and interesting. They make me laugh. They take me to playgrounds. They teach me how to lighten up and enjoy the moment. They – dare I say it? – make my existence more meaningful.

Why can’t we see some mommy memoirs like that?

3 thoughts on “I Like Being a Mom

  1. This is exactly how I feel, too. I love being with my girls; I miss them when they’re at school, and I’m heartbroken when I have to leave them to go to my part-time job (and I only work a few evenings a week!) With all your spare time, why don’t you start collecting our happy stories?

  2. You know what I’m going to say don’t you?

    Great post, I agree with everything, except I can’t shake the feeling that it’s missing something, like maybe the word…..pilloried? Yup, that’s it! Definitely should’ve used that in there somewhere;)

    • Hee hee in case anyone’s wondering Mich was helping me edit this and I asked her if pilloried was too old-fashioned. It was going in the first line instead of “ridiculed.” But never fear, I’ve got “haranguing” in my next post!! 🙂 (You really like pilloried, huh?)

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