Celebrate Women

OK. So I’m driving down the highway the other day and I see this billboard.
WOMEN'S expo?
And it’s for the women’s expo. And I think, Oh good, I’m so glad that guy will be there, because he knows so much about women! You know, being a woman and all.
Of course I had to go to the expo’s website to steal their photo, and the list of other offerings at this expo is extensive:
* Psychic Readings
* FREE Samples
* Shopping with Hundreds of Unique Vendors
* Prize Giveaways
* Fashion Shows
* Live Demonstrations
* Celebrity Appearances
* Beauty Makeovers
* FREE Health Screenings
Oh man, I’m there. Where are my prizes and free stuff?? I don’t have enough junk lying around my house. And then they show the banner that says, “Celebrate Women.”
Well I guess I am confused about what women want these days. When I see the words “women’s expo” I think of people – preferably women – discussing the challenges of motherhood/ career/ relationships/ being seen as a person who has a brain. Maybe I’m just being uptight.
But really, in what way is this expo celebrating women? Because they have wallets that can be emptied? Celebrate women…with some scented lotion and a palm reading! That’s all it takes to make them happy. Or maybe it’s that you can make them like you by giving them free stuff? If that was true all my husband would’ve had to do was give me a Kit Kat. Sorry I made you work so hard, honey.
I’m not trying to mock these people (OK well I guess I am). I totally get the need for escapism. You can find me alone in a movie theater every week just for a few hours of peace and quiet (and yea, sure, sometimes watching a hot actor).
However. I can think of so many other ways to celebrate women. Without being told that we’re celebrating women, while luring them and all their shopping dollars in with blue eyes and autographed photos because they’re too silly to notice.

3 thoughts on “Celebrate Women

  1. Amy: I am so dismayed to hear about the continued stereotyping of women that I thought was really on the wane since the Women’s movement!! Or maybe women who watch soap operas need their own movement!!Are you planning to write to the organization that sponsored this? If you want to let us know who we might get in touch with, I’d be happy to write a letter. Thanks for your outrage!

  2. Does the hottie on the billboard have anything to do with the ‘Live Demonstrations’? Could be worth our while…Just saying;)
    Ok, ok, sorry. You are so right to be offended. Thousands of women fall for this type of propaganda every day. The unfortunate result of not knowing how to find self-fulfillment and blindly seeking it where we are told we will find it.

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