Help Me I’m Buried Under Children

OK, I am looking for advice from any providers out there (or anyone who has more than three children under the age of five).

I love to read books to kids, and they love to be read to. Usually I can do this at circle time when I sit on the couch and they sit on their mats on the floor. But sometimes you just want to cuddle on the couch and read a book.

Today I had a child who really needed a cuddle and I just wanted to give it to her. I picked out a great book about missing mommy (The Kissing Hand) and sat down next to her. She snuggled right in under my left arm.

Instantly I had the twins fighting for spots on my lap (I really try to give them one leg each but they’re not usually satisfied). Another child, who was changing her clothes in the other room, started yelling, “Don’t read without me!!” and careened in to find that all the spots were already taken, and “If I sit there I can’t seeeee.” Both me and the twin on the right patted the couch cushion next to us and she agreed to take it.

Now I’m trying to hold the book out high enough so that everyone can seeeee, snuggle the one who needed it under my left elbow while using my outstretched (and therefore weakened) arms to keep the twins from harming me or falling off and harming themselves while they continue to wrestle on my lap.

I give up!! Does anyone have a good tip on how to do this, or do I just save the books for a time when I’m in a chair and they’re not?!

4 thoughts on “Help Me I’m Buried Under Children

  1. The best I can offer is take Megan’s workshop next time its offered: (Or I can give you the brief and beautiful story of how its worked for me and my babes sometime over tea – it requires a trip to the library or a printer so that you can create multiple copies of the same book which doesn’t sound the same as having enough lap for the town but actually equals it!)

    Professional Development Workshop
    A Book in Hand: Leading Multiple Copy Storytimes with Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers
    (3 PDP’s) Learn about The Carle’s newest storytime model grounded in The Whole Book Approach, and how using multiple copies of a single picture book during storytime programs and classroom circle-times can benefit babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and adults alike. Explore the picture book as a visual art form and a physical object and examine connections between verbal and visual literacy through this innovative approach to looking, listening, learning and communicating.
    Instructor: Megan Lambert

  2. I have had the same situation x about 100! I choose to sometimes read when the kids are swinging outside or w/ a wide variety of ages, bring books outside and read to them individually or in smaller groups. The ones that really want to hear the story will stay, the others will take off, leaving more lap space. When you are forced to stay inside it is usually nothing but a challenge! One year that I had to pick my daughter up @ WBMS each day, we had storytime in my van in carseats. I have also tried quick ones during morning snack! Kudos for circle and reading!!!!!

  3. Amy, is your couch against a wall? I could keep 6 happy by having one on my lap, one on each side, and 3 perched on the top of the couch, leaning against the wall! They get a good view of the book up there. 🙂

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