Sometimes I Am Brilliant

Normally miracles like this don’t happen, but when they do I have to share. Because it might never happen again.

It was lunch time and I had four very squirmy girls at the table. Three of them have recently graduated from high chairs to big girl chairs. This is great because I’m not tripping over three extra high chairs (especially now that I’m tripping over an infant feeding chair with a large footprint).

What’s not so great about it is that they’re not trapped anymore. They are free to get up with their peanut-buttery hands and roam all over my house.

So I’m trying very hard to teach them the rules about sitting in big girl chairs. They were all sitting at lunch and Miss M looked under it and said, “Feet!” I said “Oh, do you see everyone’s feet?”

We all know where this is going. Pretty soon they’ll all be looking at their feet, and they’ll put them on the table to show me their feet, and one will crawl under the table to look at someone else’s feet, and pretty soon they’ll all be out of their chairs, food will be everywhere, and chaos will ensue.

So all of a sudden I got smart. I said, “You might see everyone’s feet, but I see….” (pause for dramatic effect and to be sure they’re all looking at me and not at their feet) “…..everyone’s ELBOWS!”

Ha! Lightning strikes! They’re not looking at feet anymore, they’re looking at elbows. “What else do you see?” they ask. “I see everyone’s…..eyebrows!” Miss R gets in on the game: “Amy do you see everyone’s noses?” Yes, by George, I do!

I love it when I’m smart.

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