Clouds in My Coffee

Here is the defining moment of my week. It’s been raining on and off all morning. I tried to do the Running Game, wherein I open all the gates and doors, put on the soundtrack to “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” and the kids run around the house in circles (I don’t know how this came about, all I know is one day they started going crazy to Wonka’s Welcome Song and I just went with it).

But it wasn’t going well because people were trying to pass each other and ended up knocking each other down. It had to end, but at this point they were so wound up I had to get them out of the four walls. So I announced, in my firm but calm voice, “That’s it! When we hurt each other the game ends! Outside!” There were a couple moans and groans (mostly from kids who didn’t fall down) but everyone else was excited.

I grabbed a half a cup of coffee – my first all week because of a horrible stomach bug – and brought it out with me (foolishly thinking that somehow they’d magically entertain themselves and I’d be able to drink it! Ha ha ha evil laugh!).

It started to rain lightly so we all ran under the apple tree to wait and see if it would pass (I have to admit even though I was still annoyed with them for misbehaving, it was really cute with all of them sitting on the bench. Did I mention they were in costume to boot?).

Anyway I look out from under the leaves and see my coffee, way over there, all the way across the yard, sitting on the picnic table, getting rained in.

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